Gerald The Gorilla

8 Classic Not The Nine O’Clock News Sketches

Not the Nine O’clock News (NTNOCN) was and still is one of my favourite comedies. We all have our personal favourite sketches and those below, for me are “etched in legend and recanted wherever men gather and quaff”. Their lines still crop up as quotes in everyday conversation. Here’s a reminder of some of the origins of those classic lines.

But how well do you remember Not The Nine O’Clock news? How geeky are you when it comes to these classic sketches? Try our fun quiz either before you watch them or afterwards.

Gerald The Gorilla – S2E05

When I caught Gerald in ’68, he was completely wild.

Wild? I was absolutely lLivid!

Gerald The Gorilla responding to the Professor

Gerald the Gorilla is one of my favourite NTNOCN sketches. Every Christmas when Jonny Mathis “When a Star is Born” plays I am compelled to note that “the production on that album is superb!”.

Stout Life – S2E03

Fat, plump, obese, portly, wobble bottom, these are all terms of abuse that are constantly aimed at the overweight in our society.

Janny Shtrait-Pawuh

Of course the classic play on being homosexual but in this case “squeezing out of the closet” . Oh times were very different them…

International Darts – S2E04

100 milligrams! That’s a good start for Fatbelly. Two doubles and a pint and that makes him fairly merry.


This was such a great comment on darts tournaments at the time.

American Express – S2E03

American Express? That’ll do nicely Sir, and would you like to rub my t*ts too?


This sketch perfectly parodied the adverts at the time for American Express in which presenting American Express opened up everything to you.

General Synod’s Life Of Python – S1E06

But many people have seen in the film, a thinly disguised and blasphemous attack on the life of Monty Python.

Pamela the Presenter

This sketch beautifully turned the arguments and outrage against “Life of Brian” on their heads. All hail the Comic Messiah JC…

Constable Savage – S3E02

Walking in a loud shirt in a built-up area during the hours of darkness.


An absolute classic comment on racism in the police force. The list of trumped up charges delivered with typical Rowan Atkinson aplomb.

Bad Language – S3E02

Dr Viceson, if I may I turn over I like it better that way to you…

Pamela the Presenter

Brilliantly scripted sketch a bit reminiscent of the way The Two Ronnies used to mix in extra phrases. Inner Thigh..yes.

Soccer Violence – S3E03

We’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that the one course of action that the Authorities must take is to cut off their goolies.

Professor Duff – Cambridge University

Pamela Anderson’s response to the question of cutting them off is priceless.

Where To Watch More?

Even though it was topical, most of the sketches are still classics today. If this has wetted your appetite for more, you can stream it on BritBox / ITVx or buy the DVD’s on Amazon. The audio CD “Hedgehog Sandwich” is also well worth it – I used to have that s a kid.

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