Champion The Wonder Horse

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Champion the Wonder Horse first aired on television in the 1950s, becoming a beloved American children’s Western series. The show was originally titled The Adventures of Champion, and featured 26 episodes that spanned from September 23, 1955, to March 3, 1956 on CBS. In the United Kingdom, it was re-broadcast under the title Champion the Wonder Horse and enjoyed a long-lasting presence, being repeated by the BBC throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s.

Set in the American West, the series focused on the bond between Champion and its young human companion, Ricky North. The wild horse, Champion, and Ricky embarked on various adventures involving their family, friends, and the surrounding community. Along the way, they faced unique challenges and learned valuable life lessons about friendship, responsibility, and courage.


Set in the Texas of the 1880s, the show followed the exploits of a remarkable stallion named Champion, who befriended a young boy named Ricky North. The show portrayed a fascinating depiction of the Old West, with exciting action sequences and numerous interesting characters.

Each episode typically revolved around the duo tackling various challenges or solving mysteries which often tested their courage, loyalty, and quick thinking.

Among the show’s main characters were Ricky North, portrayed by Barry Curtis, and Sandy North, Ricky’s uncle, played by Jim Bannon. Additionally, the programme frequently included appearances of other important characters from their community. Through the series, the characters, along with Champion, became renowned for their heroic deeds and unwavering commitment to justice.

Where to Watch?

You can find a few episodes on YouTube, but for the true connoisseur you can buy them all on DVD on Amazon or stream them on Prime Video.


While Ricky often engaged in exciting adventures with his equine friend, Champion isn’t the only important character in the series. Ricky’s Uncle Sandy is a crucial part of the show, serving as a stable and loving parental figure for his nephew. Sandy offers wisdom and guidance to Ricky, helping him navigate the challenges that come with growing up in the Wild West.

(Champion was actually played by 3 horses over the course of the show and all the horse breeds were dark / light sorrel with white stockings).

Another noteworthy character is Rebel, a friendly and capable dog. Rebel often assists Ricky and Champion during their adventures, providing support and showcasing his intelligence. Similar to Champion, Rebel plays an essential role in the exciting quests Ricky undertakes.

Throughout the show, various minor characters come and go, playing a part in the different episodes, such as the Sheriff and the Stage Drive. These characters contribute to the ever-evolving plotlines and enhance the overall immersive experience of the show.

Notable Episodes

Champion The Wonder Horse ran to 26 episodes and amonst these are a few classics. One of the memorable episodes involves an elderly prospector who discovers gold but is tragically killed by a pair of drifters. In an attempt to cover up their crime, they stampede a wild horse herd over the man’s body, leading the local sheriff to believe that Champion is a wild killer and tries to have him shot.

Another notable episode features a dangerous encounter with a pack of wolves. Ricky North and Champion find themselves in a perilous situation when the wolves threaten their safety. Displaying bravery and intelligence, Champion takes charge and successfully leads Ricky to safety, further solidifying their unbreakable bond.

In yet another episode, Champion and Ricky help to secure the release of a young girl who has been kidnapped by a notorious bandit. Teaming up with the girl’s father and the local authorities, they use their cunning and teamwork to outsmart the villain and ensure the girl’s safe return to her family.