Hector’s House

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Hector’s House was a French glove-puppet series (La Maison de Toutou) imported into the UK and dubbed into English. One giveaway to the show’s French origins is that all the garden signs are in French. Hector was a pompous orange beagle who shared his house with a cat called Zsa Zsa. Their neighbour is a frog called Kiki, who appears looking over the wall at the top of a big ladder or enters the garden through a hole in the wall. The action in each episode takes place in the big garden that Hector keeps neat and tidy. Zsa Zsa and Kiki inevitably muck things up and create mischief for poor old Hector. Each episode would end with Hector lamenting, “I’m a great big [whatever he was] old Hector.”

Each episode was 5 mins long, and the BBC broadcasted 78 between 1968 and 1971.

There is an urban myth that Joanna Lumley performed the voice of Zsa Zsa, but this is not the case, despite sounding very similar.

Epsiode: The Quarrel

Epsisode: The Mysterious Visit

Where Can You Watch Hector’s House?

Aside from YouTube, Hector’s House doesn’t seem to be on any of the streaming platforms. You can buy the DVD of the Complete Series on Amazon.


Hector’s House only has three characters: Hector the dog, Zsa Zsa the cat and Kiki the frog.

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