Marine Boy

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Marine Boy was the first anime cartoon series I ever saw and one of the first to use that distinctive animation. It was a Japanese series animated in Japan as a Japan / USA collaboration, with many of the storylines written in America. It is set in the near future when the oceans have been fully explored and their resources have begun to be mined. Many of the storylines involved numerous megalomaniacs trying to exploit the ocean’s resources for profit and World Domination. Despite being aimed at a young audience, Marine Boy doesn’t shy away from exploring more complex themes. Environmentalism is a recurring theme throughout the series, with Marine Boy and his friends frequently working to protect the ocean from pollution and other human interference.

Ocean Patrol is an organisation tasked with protecting the oceans against these villains and is headed up by Marine Boy’s father, Dr. Mariner. They have various patrol boats and ships with which they patrol the seas. Marine Boy is part of this force and is equipped with various gadgets invented by the genius Professor Fumble. These include his “oxy-gum” which, when chewed, gives him oxygen for several hours when underwater, his special bulletproof red suit, his sonic boomerang, and propeller shoes.

Marine Boy had a white dolphin friend, Splasher, and a young mermaid, Neptina, with a magical pearl necklace. With this, she can locate Marine Boy or use it as a crystal ball. Despite being topless Neptina’s modesty was always protected by her long flowing hair.

Originally made and broadcast in the sixties (1966 – 1967), it ran for three seasons and 78 episodes, each running about 25 minutes.

This is the wordless Marine Boy Theme which is much more like I remember it.

Season 1 from Warner Bros available to buy on YouTube

Season 2 from Warner Bros available to buy on YouTube

Season 3 from Warner Bros available to buy on YouTube

Where Can You Watch Marine Boy?

You can stream Marine Boy Season 1 on Amazon Prime. You can buy per episode or purchase the entire series. You can also buy Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 on DVD from Amazon.

YouTube does not have much free content, but Warner Bros make the 3 Seasons available to buy and stream on YouTube as linked above.


Marine Boy

The talented son of Dr. Mariner and aided by numerous inventions, such as oxy-gum, propeller shoes, and boomerang. Voiced by Corinne Orr.


Splasher was a white dolphin and Marine Boy’s primary friend. Voiced by Jack Grimes.


She was a mermaid friend with a magical pearl necklace. Voiced again by Corinne Orr.

Dr Mariner 

Aquatic Scientist and father of Marine Boy. Voiced by Peter Fernandez.

Professor Fumble

A brilliant scientist and inventor of most of Marine Boy’s unique gadgets including his bulletproof red suit. Voiced by Jack Grimes.

Cli Cli

A young boy and hapless helper of Ocean Patrol who’s always getting into trouble. Voiced by Corinne Orr.


A crew member of the P1- Patrol craft,very timid and easily frightened. Voiced by Jack Grimes.


A crew member of the P1- Patrol craft. A large and aggressive guy. Voiced by Jack Curtis.

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