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Skippy was a popular children’s TV series that aired from 1968 to 1970, capturing the hearts of young viewers through its unique combination of adventure and wildlife. Set in the picturesque Waratah National Park outside of Sydney, the show followed the escapades of a young boy and his highly intelligent pet kangaroo, delighting audiences across the globe. By the end of 1969 and stretching to 91 episodes, Skippy was screened in over 80 countries, making it one of the most successful television programmes of its time.

The show’s central plot revolves around the friendship between Skippy, a highly intelligent female kangaroo, and Sonny Hammond, the young son of the head ranger at fictional Waratah National Park in New South Wales. Skippy and her human friends would embark on various adventures and solve mysteries, often involving mischievous or dangerous situations that showcased the bush environment and the wildlife inhabiting it.

In each episode, Skippy uses his intelligence, agility, and communication skills to assist a group of children, who often find themselves in tricky situations. The kids look up to Skippy as a wise and resourceful friend, as he frequently outsmarts both human and animal foes alike.

Where to Watch

You can buy each series of Skippy on DVD on amazon or the “complete works“. Slightly cheaper is streaming it on Prime Video. YouTube also has some clips for a quick fix.


Skippy is set in the beautiful Australian bush and centres around the adventures of Skippy, a clever and resourceful kangaroo, and her human friend, Sonny. The show follows their escapades as they explore the natural wonders of their surroundings and assist in solving various problems that arise.

Throughout the series, Skippy and Sonny are joined by an eclectic cast of characters, including Sonny’s father, Head Ranger Matt Hammond, and their fellow park rangers Jerry and Mark, who work together to maintain the park and preserve its wildlife. While the show delivers thrilling adventures and plenty of laughter, it also teaches valuable lessons about the importance of wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.
Some of the notable episodes in the series see Skippy and Sonny embark on daring rescues, prevent environmental disasters, and even encounter the occasional wildlife-related mystery. In one memorable episode, Skippy helps to save a group of hikers who have become stranded in a rapidly flooding river.



Skippy, the titular character, is a highly intelligent Eastern Grey kangaroo who acts as the main protagonist of the show. She is often portrayed as having near-human intelligence, helping her human friends solve mysteries and problems that arise in Waratah National Park.

Throughout the series, Skippy demonstrates an extraordinary ability to understand humans and even communicate using a series of clicking noises.

“What’s that Skip?”
“tch, tch, tch (Sounds like eating a tasty snack)
“Sonny and all his friends are trapped in the Old Mine by Bluff Creek?”
“tch, tch, tch”
“Ok Skip, I’ll get the helicopter”
Skippy to Jerry the flight ranger

Sonny Hammond

Sonny the the son of the head ranger Matt Hammond. He is an adventurous and curious young boy with a strong sense of responsibility and fearless nature. He enjoys exploring Waratah National Park with Skippy and often encounters thrilling and sometimes dangerous situations. 

Matt Hammond

Matt Hammond, Sonny’s father, is the seasoned and wise park ranger of Waratah National Park. He provides guidance and support for Sonny and Skippy, making sure they stay safe during their adventures. Matt’s experience and wisdom create a strong structure for the show, facilitating many memorable episodes.

Jerry King

Jerry King is a resourceful helicopter pilot and a loyal friend of the Hammond family.

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond is Matt’s elder son and a park ranger in training, often joining Sonny and Skippy on their escapades.

Notable Episodes

Some of the most memorable episodes of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo include the pilot, “The Long Way Home,” which introduced Skippy and Sonny’s unlikely friendship at Waratah National Park, and set the tone for the series. Another notable episode is “Flying Saucers Over Waratah,” which showcased Skippy and Sonny’s ingenuity in protecting the park from a UFO hoax. This storyline demonstrated the show’s ability to capture viewers’ imagination while remaining true to its Australian heart.

In “The Mine,” Skippy and Sonny worked together to rescue a miner trapped in a collapsing mine, emphasising the strong bond between the duo, and their willingness to help others in need. An episode titled “Skippy the Actor” saw Skippy cast as a heroic pet in a movie, only to save an actor for real when something goes wrong. This in-universe nod to Skippy’s heroic nature added a touch of humour while showcasing the kangaroo’s resourcefulness.

Where To Find Out More

There is a classic set of clips of Skippy’s language compiled at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia along with loads of other Skippy stuff. It’s the goto resource for Skip.